Are your puppies Registerred?
AKC:   The AKC does not recognize Goldendoodles as a pure breed and thus will not register them.  That being said, our English Cream Golden Retriever is AKC & our new poodle mom is AKC.

CKC:  There are two CKC organizations.  The true AMERICAN CKC does not recognize Goldendoodles as a breed, thus they will not register them.

But I see people with registerred dogs.......Many people will use the CKC or the CANADIAN version of the Kennel Club.  Their restrictions are not strict and they do not investigate the breed line.  This is misleading to the purchaser.


Magie is our newest mom.   She is a parti poodle which means she has spots and her puppies will have spots and patches.  She is smaller, weighing in around 40 lbs.  She is not a miniature, but is as close as it comes to that size being a standard poodle.  Her puppies have been curly and wavy.  We have had brown and white, grey and white, and black and white from her litters.


Rusty is our Goldendoodle with  a Canadian Red Golden Retriever mom and a Chocolate Poodle dad.  He has a beautiful coat and wonderful disposition.  He came all the way from St Louis, MO last year to complete our doodle home.

I call him affectionately that he is my crazy muppet of a dog!

Why don't you charge market rates?

Our main goal is to place our puppies in forever homes that will provide a nurturing and loving atmosphere.  No, the puppies are not cheap as breeding is not cheap, but we have found that our price range has found fantastic owners and loving homes.  We put a lot of attention into each and every puppy with baths, grooming, litter training and much more.

Is a goldendoodle/sugar doodle worth it?

A million times over......YES.....though certainly, we are a little biased.  Our goldendoodles tend to sense your mood and want to comfort you.  They are playful with other pets, but also respect their boundaries.  They are also extremely easy to train.  

Fb1 Goldendoodle Puppies

All puppies will have their first shots and de-wormer. Out of state adopters must purchase the $50 health certificate. . Also, no breeding restrictions are placed on the puppy. If you need us to hold your puppy, there is a $25 per day fee from the litter adoption date AND the new owner will be responsible for additional shots that fall within that holding period. 

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A good breeder does not breed for financial gain.  They breed to create a better dog.  We believe we have found just that.  In our puppies, we have had two therapy dogs, and one who is training as a diabetic alert dog.   All have sweet, intuitive, trainable dispositions that make forever companions and loving friends.


Dad is a Fb1.  Soft, wavy coat, 80lbs.  He has been trained as a therapy dog though he mainly just cuddles with us.  You can see him here on the right with  a summer cut which helps him stay cool in Georgia.  We grow it out too  though, and you can see his soft wavy coat in the bottom pictures.  

One cool thing about our sire/dad is even though he has received NO training whatsoever, he intuitively knows to alert my type 2 Diabetic family member that their sugar his low.